Samsung commercial makes fun of Apple fans

There has always been some complaints from people about your typical apple fanboys, that is they think Apple is the best thing on the planet. When Steve Jobs died people thought this was horrible but in reality why are people praising jobs as a hero? He made billions of dollars charging $800 for a phone that costs about $150 to make and everyone loves their over priced iphones. If Steve Jobs really wanted to change the world and make it a better place, how about making cheaper phones that people can afford or donating money to charity? Can anyone name a charity Steve Jobs has, had or had contributed to?

Apple have great products but some people take the corporate slave thing too far and will do anything in the name of Apple.

Over the past year, Apple has added fuel to the fire in patent wars and this means consumers will endure the worst of it. Samsung Galaxy tablets were being blocked around the world over some patents. Now expect Samsung to do the same to Apple as the bottom line, all these companies are stepping over patents left right and center in order to get ahead. The result will be patent wars, won, lost and then companies having no choice but to drop their patent lawsuits so they don’t destroy each other.

The Samsung Galaxy S2 is an amazing phone.  The iPhone 4S is also a great phone.  Great viral ad created by Samsung to poke some fun at the apple fanboys. Expect the internet flame wars to begin.

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