Chick falls through pavement sinkhole in China

This chick has it all wrong but it’s not her fault. She drops through pavement like Monica on Bill. If you haven’t seen the video yet it is a bit scary and makes you hope this doesn’t happen to you as the sidewalk just seems ordinary but the girl falls through as if it was some sort of sick practical joke. This girl was minding her own business listening to music or probably talking on the phone and just walks over the exact wrong spot.

Fortunately for miss tiny the 7 foot drop or however large it was, was not much for her but probably scared her tons. Since she was a tiny girl she probably didn’t break anything and appears to be fine but is definitely shaken up.

Her knight and shining armour for the day was a taxi driver that stopped after watching the girl just disappear. She was the first to exit the sinkhole and was all covered in dirt but better that than a serious injury. The taxi driver followed shortly after and by then a large crowd had gathered which doesn’t make any sense at all. You would think if one hole did this what about the surrounding part of the sidewalk, maybe this might fall in too? The whole crowd gathering around is like almost begging for the rest of it to just go down like Monica.

If you haven’t seen the video yet here is it.

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CyberChik of the week: Zoorana

This week we feature Zoorana from as the CyberChik of the week and first one to start off the 2012 new year! Zoorana’s site is about gambling.  I am not much of a gambler but I have seen a few related sites and they are all the same.

Zoorana is the CyberChik of the week is because she is hot and classy just look at this drawing of her.  Maybe in the future she’ll be nice enough to send some more pics. This is her website and we love hot chiks that just do it themselves.

You can check out their ZCB blog which features gambling news and is just cool.

About Zoorana Casino Bonuses

She started her awesome website in 2010 and works with online casinos to give her players a better deal.  She also promotes trusted casinos and will help you stay away from dodgy ones that only want to rip you off.  She also recommends you gamble smart and avoid getting into any personal mess with a gambling problem.  Just contact her on twitter or facebook and ask this fine sassy for help if you want to gamble and play some online slots or maybe something else like bingo, sports betting or even poker.!/ZooCasinoBonus

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Sexy Chicks for Christmas

Merry Christmas and everyone have a happy new year. For Christmas if you didn’t get what you wanted then we have some hot chicks to stare at.

For 2012 to start off the new year we have a special video for you to present but no more hints otherwise we will have given away the secret completely.

What’s in store for 2012?  More crisis issues, more riots, will things get better or worse? I guess that depends on the people. Tell us what you think of our blog in 2011 and give us your ideas to make things better. Remember this is your blog too as we write it just for you.

New Year Resolutions

Everyone has their own ideas of what they want to accomplish in the new year but the problem with that is everyone seems to start off their new year in the minus 1 box, that is they are hungover and the first day or 2 of the new year is spent recovering and eating junk food because you feel horrible. If you have been repeating failed new years resolutions then try something completely different like don’t make them or wait until February to start!

Happy New Year!

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Meet T-Baby, cyberchik gone bad

T-baby has almost gone viral well viral enough at 4 million youtube visitors for her ‘hit’ song called “Its so cold in the D”. That is D meaning Detroit. The video probably cost $50 to produce and with horrible editing. The song who knows where this came up from or how it was put together. We will let you watch the video first before commenting.

Now I know what you are thinking, you want your 3 minutes of your life back but we can’t do that. The only that makes this girl a cyberchik is that she is a chick who has a video on the internet.

If you think this video is insanely hillarious just share it with your friends or upload it to your facebook or retweet it.

Christmas is around the corner and stay tuned for some hillarious christmas videos featuring some girls. I can’t give you any more information but if you like to visit the blog or just stumpled upon it keep and eye for the next blog post, our Christmas edition and likely our last post for 2011.

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We love Jenna Marbles

Jenna Marbles is not only hot but she is all attitude. Seriously just go straight over to her youtube profile, get some fucking popcorn and watch this girl say shit how it truly is.

Take for example this video about Halloween Sluts which has got over 5 million viewers already!


I love this one ‘bitches walking through the security line decked out in metal’ as she talks about bitches at the airport. haha “drown bitch”. Lol “everyone died because of fancy bitch”.

Haha “stop dressing like fucking assholes” this video is literally about what bitches where at the airport. She is the coolest girl on the planet. If she made music she would be peaches.

Jenna Marbles I love you too.

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Girl overly excited about stacking cups

Do a search for cup and girl and you might get some unfavourable videos or pictures for display but if you search in youtube for something similar you might find cup stacking girl?

Who is she? Well she is becoming an overnight sensation because she posts her cup stacking videos on youtube. What makes her hillarious and more entertaining to watch is her over reactions to stacking cups.

There are far more faster people out there but this girl is working made to master this insane sport of cup stacking. Personally we don’t get it but she is the Cyber Chik of the moment because she faces off against Skrillex.

See the original video first:

Now see it against Skrillex:

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Samsung commercial makes fun of Apple fans

There has always been some complaints from people about your typical apple fanboys, that is they think Apple is the best thing on the planet. When Steve Jobs died people thought this was horrible but in reality why are people praising jobs as a hero? He made billions of dollars charging $800 for a phone that costs about $150 to make and everyone loves their over priced iphones. If Steve Jobs really wanted to change the world and make it a better place, how about making cheaper phones that people can afford or donating money to charity? Can anyone name a charity Steve Jobs has, had or had contributed to?

Apple have great products but some people take the corporate slave thing too far and will do anything in the name of Apple.

Over the past year, Apple has added fuel to the fire in patent wars and this means consumers will endure the worst of it. Samsung Galaxy tablets were being blocked around the world over some patents. Now expect Samsung to do the same to Apple as the bottom line, all these companies are stepping over patents left right and center in order to get ahead. The result will be patent wars, won, lost and then companies having no choice but to drop their patent lawsuits so they don’t destroy each other.

The Samsung Galaxy S2 is an amazing phone.  The iPhone 4S is also a great phone.  Great viral ad created by Samsung to poke some fun at the apple fanboys. Expect the internet flame wars to begin.

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Femme Fatale video by Eriq Johnson

This is not only a great song but a kick ass music video and one of my favorite music videos of all time. It is shocking that this video doesn’t have anywhere near as many hits as something hideous like Rebecca Black but that is how the coin drops.

Enjoy this video called Femme Fatale by Eriq Johnson

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Peaches Rocks Profile

This post is dedicated to the awesomeness of Peaches. When you search for peaches you are going to get all kinds of crap like the stupid song peaches by the one hit wonder bank called ‘president of the united states of america’ or you are just going to end up with a lot of fruit. Nothing wrong with fruit but when you search for the real Peaches you are truly searching for rock, hard core, punk and sex.

Her music in the past few years is taking on new forms and dimensions. She is basically becoming a dj and she knows how to rock a good show and is mad fierce when it comes to presentation. As the first Cyber Chiks profile we proudly present to you, PEACHES!

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