Meet T-Baby, cyberchik gone bad

T-baby has almost gone viral well viral enough at 4 million youtube visitors for her ‘hit’ song called “Its so cold in the D”. That is D meaning Detroit. The video probably cost $50 to produce and with horrible editing. The song who knows where this came up from or how it was put together. We will let you watch the video first before commenting.

Now I know what you are thinking, you want your 3 minutes of your life back but we can’t do that. The only that makes this girl a cyberchik is that she is a chick who has a video on the internet.

If you think this video is insanely hillarious just share it with your friends or upload it to your facebook or retweet it.

Christmas is around the corner and stay tuned for some hillarious christmas videos featuring some girls. I can’t give you any more information but if you like to visit the blog or just stumpled upon it keep and eye for the next blog post, our Christmas edition and likely our last post for 2011.

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