Maximize your condo flat with a chic wall bed

This article is written courtesy of Rachel L whom is an interior designer and helps many across London and in the United Kingdom to take their dreary flat and turn it into something cheery.

Hi guys, if you live in London UK you’ll realize that space is a commodity for anyone. When people are looking to rent a flat or even better, buy their own, space is the biggest issue that anyone has to deal with. So many quality flats are rejected because people are still stuck on the concept that their king size bed must fit in the flat. This is getting ridiculous and in 2012 (with 2013 around the corner) people are just not getting smart about using space to their advantage for both practicality, design and style.

You can get the most out of any flat by using wall beds which really open up spaces and make places more livable and more practical.

The great thing about adding walls beds into any flat is you can put them almost anywhere. You can take an office space as one room, add a wall bed, bedroom, make it a wall bed and even in the living room. This just can’t be beat so if you have a limited space like 50 square metres then you can easily fit 2 or 3 beds into a flat of this size or rather just make the main bedroom one of the flats and have it as a nice comfortable open space.

As an interior designer I have been able to easily take small spaces and make them more stylish and livable by using wall beds alone.  It is up until now, one of my best kept secrets and whenever I help friends in their hunt for the perfect flat, I help them with the design and they love their new setup. Some of them have had no problems selling for a higher price than what they paid for and pocketed a nice sum in the process.

Stay tuned for my next blog post in December talking about Christmas decorations and how to get the most out of the Xmas holiday season without breaking the bank!

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