Girls love diamonds

There are many reasons why girls love diamonds, or rather chiks with rocks and were not talking about the type of rocks Lindsay Lohan likes. They say diamonds are a girls best friend but maybe this could be seen as over the top superficial. Bottom line diamonds complement a girl’s beauty so who doesn’t want to be walking around with a nice rock on her hands. Some say engagement rings are far more desirable than a wedding wing which is kinda like boring once the wedding has taken place.

So one recent image that comes to mind when thinking about diamonds is the Beyonce song she does of Diamonds which is probably Marilyn Monroe’s original copy of the song but she does it in a commercial.

It is ironic that Beyonce does this advert for probably a lot of money and probably cares about diamonds more than people but who knows what charity programs she participates in. Now that she has a new daughter I guess diamonds are not her most precious possessions.


Well not all girls love diamonds and for girls that are stapped for cash that diamond ring your man bought you many years ago is still worth a pretty penny. You might want to consider selling that and using the money to invest in something like a new house, a new car or maybe put that money back into the bank and save it for the kids. So why not, you can sell your engagement ring and get money back very quickly. Engagement rings just sit in a box doing nothing while you are either married or maybe not engaged anymore and divorced. Stop holding onto rings and get the best value for it now.

So diamonds may be a girls best friend but who doesn’t love money.

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