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Don’t be scared …. Experiment!

We have all ordered a meal at a restaurant and have enjoyed it immensely. Whether it was the Italian lasagna or the Phad Thai at the local Thai restaurant or even the delicious curry dish you have thought to yourself how great it would be to be able to make the same at home. The fact is it is extremely easy to make such dishes. It is not so much courage that matters rather than just having the basic ingredients (and patience) so that you can be adventurous.

Many kitchen cupboards have the spices you need to prepare more adventurous and exotic dishes that were probably bought for that “one” dish you made years ago. The first step in experimenting with spices is to throw away all those old spices in your cupboard and start again fresh. By fresh it could be buying new dry spices since the old ones will have now lost their qualities or it could mean buy fresh spices from the market and using immediately in your new recipes.

More recently I have experimented with new and exiting meat rubs and marinades that can turn a somewhat boring piece of meat into something very different and flavorful. I have experienced with more Thai dishes and have been pleasantly surprised. In all cases it did require certain spices. As I experimented more I discovered new flavors of thrilling spices both dry and fresh. As I continued to enjoy the experience of each recipe I started to focus on those flavors that peaked my interest the most. No longer was it a well-measured teaspoon but a good teaspoon (and maybe a bit ore) based on MY preference. It might be more ginger or garlic, more cumin or oregano, but regardless the recipe that I followed so strictly has now become a guideline and the new recipe is now my creation.

As for those interesting dishes such as Phad Thai or Green Curry Chicken find a recipe that looks motivating. Invite a friend to prepare dinner together with and pour a glass of wine each. Take the recipe and most importantly take the time to prepare the ingredients. Once all the ingredients are ready take a sip of wine, toast a cheers and start following the recipe. Make it a fun experience step by step and before you know it you have a new and electrifying dish prepared and ready to share.

For curry chicken recipe check out

What could be more exciting and pleasurable than breaking out of the box of meat and potatoes and into a new world of exhilarating spices and ingredients.

Good luck (and stay tuned for more) !!

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