CyberChik of the week: Zoorana

This week we feature Zoorana from as the CyberChik of the week and first one to start off the 2012 new year! Zoorana’s site is about gambling.  I am not much of a gambler but I have seen a few related sites and they are all the same.

Zoorana is the CyberChik of the week is because she is hot and classy just look at this drawing of her.  Maybe in the future she’ll be nice enough to send some more pics. This is her website and we love hot chiks that just do it themselves.

You can check out their ZCB blog which features gambling news and is just cool.

About Zoorana Casino Bonuses

She started her awesome website in 2010 and works with online casinos to give her players a better deal.  She also promotes trusted casinos and will help you stay away from dodgy ones that only want to rip you off.  She also recommends you gamble smart and avoid getting into any personal mess with a gambling problem.  Just contact her on twitter or facebook and ask this fine sassy for help if you want to gamble and play some online slots or maybe something else like bingo, sports betting or even poker.!/ZooCasinoBonus

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