Clinton’s trip to China

Clinton’s trip to China

China was also known as the “sleeping giant” in terms of economic growth will be visited by the United States representative Clinton.

She has received several issues from the different commentators from China. Issues are like accusing the United States in searching ways to disturbs China as it moves forward both economically and politically.

Before going to china, Clinton had made visit to some areas in the globe which need immediate attention. One of these areas he has visited was the Africa. In there, Clinton talks more about how to Unite States looks toward a countries’ economic development.

They made mention China as a good example on how China focuses its attention on building several mining industries and timber. China also focuses on giving Chinese people condition-free loans.

He also added how Beijing builds many establishments through financing every region. These establishments include airports and roads for transportation, building and hospitals for the people. In this manner, China shows how a government must works in order to expand its economy.

Despite the economic growth in China, still many criticisms can be deduced from doings China’s methods including those which were mention.
Clinton also visited the Cook Islands together with the 60 US delegates. Cook Island able to develop a relationship with New Zealand by having free association. This island’s population is composing of roughly 11,000 people. In addition, Prime Minister Henry Puna together with his country shows his very warm welcome to Clinton and his US delegates.
After Cook Islands, Clinton will next move to Indonesia before going to China. Clinton is expected to settles things regarding those of territorial areas conflict. Those issues such as claiming Spratly islands and the Scarborough Shoal against its neighboring country such as Philippines.

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