Chick falls through pavement sinkhole in China

This chick has it all wrong but it’s not her fault. She drops through pavement like Monica on Bill. If you haven’t seen the video yet it is a bit scary and makes you hope this doesn’t happen to you as the sidewalk just seems ordinary but the girl falls through as if it was some sort of sick practical joke. This girl was minding her own business listening to music or probably talking on the phone and just walks over the exact wrong spot.

Fortunately for miss tiny the 7 foot drop or however large it was, was not much for her but probably scared her tons. Since she was a tiny girl she probably didn’t break anything and appears to be fine but is definitely shaken up.

Her knight and shining armour for the day was a taxi driver that stopped after watching the girl just disappear. She was the first to exit the sinkhole and was all covered in dirt but better that than a serious injury. The taxi driver followed shortly after and by then a large crowd had gathered which doesn’t make any sense at all. You would think if one hole did this what about the surrounding part of the sidewalk, maybe this might fall in too? The whole crowd gathering around is like almost begging for the rest of it to just go down like Monica.

If you haven’t seen the video yet here is it.

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